4 Powerful Tips on How to Clean Ooni Pizza Stone for Tastier Pizzas

Ensuring your Ooni pizza stone is clean and well-maintained is crucial to the taste and quality of your homemade pizzas. This task, while simple, is often overlooked by pizza enthusiasts, leading to unwanted flavors and potential damage to the stone.

In this guide, we’ll provide powerful tips for effectively cleaning and caring for your Ooni pizza stone, ensuring every pizza you make is as delicious as the last. So, let’s dive into the world of pizza stone maintenance and help you achieve the tastiest pizzas right in your backyard.

How to Clean Ooni Pizza Stone Quick Guide

Cleaning your Ooni pizza stone can be an intimidating task, so here are four helpful tips on how to clean Ooni pizza stone and make sure you do a good job while protecting your investment! For more details continue reading below.

  1. Refrain from washing your stone
  2. Allow it to cool
  3. Remove the food stuck on the stone surface by scrubbing it thoroughly
  4. Return it to the oven and switch on the heat

How to Clean Ooni Pizza Stone: Tips

In this section, we’ll tell you in detail about these four powerful tips for how to clean Ooni pizza stone the right way!

Refrain from washing your stone

You should know cordierite stones despise water. You see, these stones possess a unique quality of absorbing water, which compromises their functionality. In fact, this damage can even become irreversible at times.

Therefore, it is imperative to exercise caution and refrain from introducing water to your stone when embarking on the cleaning process.

With time and frequent use, it is likely that the surface of the pizza stone to darken. This is a normal occurrence and does not indicate insufficient cleaning of the stone.

Allow it to cool


Before removing the stone from the oven, it’s crucial to allow it to cool completely. Handling a hot pizza stone can be difficult and risky, considering its fragility. To avoid any potential damage, make sure to give the stone enough time to cool down properly.

If you’ve just finished baking a pizza, it’s recommended to let the stone cool for a few hours inside the oven. For maximum safety, leaving it to cool overnight is ideal. Once the stone has completely cooled, you can safely remove it from the oven and proceed with the cleaning process.

After using your pizza stone, ensure to promptly wipe away any leftover debris using a clean towel. This simple step will help you avoid the hassle of deep cleaning or scraping off stubborn food residue later on.

Remove the food stuck on the stone surface by scrubbing it thoroughly


If you’ve purchased an Ooni Pizza Stone, it is highly recommended to complement it with the Ooni cleaning brush. Since these stones shouldn’t be exposed to water, having the right tools to effectively remove leftover food and debris becomes crucial.

However, if you don’t have an Ooni brush, any stiff brush will suffice. Just remember to avoid scrubbing too forcefully to prevent scratching the stone.

When cleaning the stone, focus on removing all the larger food particles. Not only are these particles unsanitary, but they also hinder the dough from fully adhering to the stone’s surface. Additionally, use the brush to gently wipe away any flour residue that may have adhered to the stone.

Return it to the oven and switch on the heat


Once you have removed all the large chunks and leftovers from the stone, simply place it back in the oven. Don’t fret if there is a bit of lingering flour stuck on the surface. Prior to baking another pizza on the stone, we recommend preheating the oven and allowing the stone to bake on its own for a while.

This will ensure that any flour residue on the stone’s surface is burned off, while also removing any stubborn grease that couldn’t be brushed away. If you make pizza multiple times a week, there’s no rush to reheat the stone immediately. In fact, it may be best to save the final step for the next time you make a pie.

However, if you only use the stone occasionally, it’s advisable to complete the final step as soon as possible. And once you have finished cleaning it, be sure to store the stone in the oven to keep it dry and safe.

Common Questions About How to Clean Ooni Pizza Stone

Now that you are clear on how to clean ooni pizza stone, let’s review some of the most frequently asked questions about this process.

What are the consequences of neglecting to clean my pizza stone?

Neglecting to clean your pizza stone can result in a gradual accumulation of leftover food on its surface. Apart from being unhygienic, this buildup hinders direct contact between your dough and the hot stone, preventing you from achieving the pinnacle of pizza perfection.

How frequently should you clean your Ooni pizza stone?

For optimal cleanliness and sanitation, it is recommended to clean your Ooni Pizza stone after each use. This is necessary because food and debris tend to adhere to the stone during the baking process. To maintain its pristine condition, it is advised to promptly remove any remnants by allowing the stone to cool and cleaning it immediately after baking your pizza.

What tools do you need for Cleaning an Ooni Pizza Stone?

Cleaning your pizza stone is made easier with a few essential tools. Among them, the Ooni pizza oven brush stands out as one of the best options. This versatile tool features a scraper on one side, which effectively loosens any stuck food particles.

On the flip side, a stainless steel brush awaits, ready to eliminate crumbs and flour effortlessly. If you happen to already possess a reliable brush or scraper tool, feel free to utilize it for cleaning your stone.

How to get rid of pizza stone stains?

Pizza stones naturally develop stains as part of their cooking process. These stains result from the moisture absorption that creates a delicious crust while baking.

Although these stains don’t impact the stone’s cooking ability or affect the pizza’s flavor, some chefs believe that a well-seasoned stone enhances the taste even further. However, if you prefer to remove the stains, you can try the following method:

  1. Create a paste by combining one tablespoon of water and one tablespoon of baking soda.
  2. Apply the paste to the stained area using a soft cloth, gently scrubbing in a circular motion.
  3. Remove the paste with a damp cloth, ensuring it is not excessively wet.
  4. Allow the stone to thoroughly dry before using it again.
  5. Alternatively, you can protect the stone by placing baking paper between the pizza dough and the stone.

Video How to Clean a Pizza Stone – The Easy Way

Apart from the essential tips above on how to clean Ooni pizza stone, it’s always a good idea to watch a tutorial video on cleaning a pizza stone. This way, you can better understand each step and get an overview of the entire process.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, taking proper care of your Ooni pizza stone by learning how to clean Ooni pizza stone is crucial to keeping it in optimum condition and ensuring the best pizza baking results. The cleaning process does not involve the use of water due to the stone’s porous nature. Regular cleaning after each use will maintain the stone’s quality and extend its lifespan.

Although the stone naturally develops stains, they do not affect the cooking or the pizza’s flavor. However, if desired, these can be removed with a baking soda paste or prevented by using baking paper. Following these simple yet effective steps will ensure your Ooni pizza stone remains ready to deliver the perfect pizza every time.

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I'm Claire Williams, the founder of GoCleanGuide.com and resident cleaning enthusiast. I’ve spent years researching the best ways to clean all types of items, from jewelry to air conditioners, and now I want to share my knowledge with you!
Photo of author
I'm Claire Williams, the founder of GoCleanGuide.com and resident cleaning enthusiast. I’ve spent years researching the best ways to clean all types of items, from jewelry to air conditioners, and now I want to share my knowledge with you!